High quality treeless saddle


For the well-being of the horse, it is essential that the rider's weight is distributed over the entire horse's back without straining the horse's spine.

In cooperation with an equine physiotherapist and a riding therapist, we have developed a felt saddle that is optimal for rider and horse. It is comfortable for small and tall riders and is gentle on the horse's back. 

 Through my work with ponies and children I have created a saddle that meets the needs of both the horse and the children.


Fields of application

  • Therapeutic riding
  • Riding lessons for children
  • Seat training
  • Academic Horsemanship




For the direct contact with the horse's back we only use 100% non-carbonated wool felt!

This felt still contains the wool grease (lanolin) with its skin caring properties. Wool felt is thermoregulating, can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet and is antibacterial! 

  • Upper material 5mm wool felt made of 100% Merino sheep wool available in different colours
  • The felt used and its high material thickness result in excellent inherent stability
  • Straps from Biothane
  • Specially developed moulded foam guarantees freedom from the spinal column
  • The upholstery can be replaced or adapted individually
  • Commercially available gullet plates can be replaced with a few simple steps
  • Can be used with and without gullet plate


Specific adaptation


  • Padding for horses with crutches 
  • Cushions for horses that are built over.
  • Poster for Academic Horsemanship
  • Upholstery can be replaced at any time
  • After personal consultation we can produce individual padding (horse, customer, area of use) for you